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All photographs taken on Modoc Railroad Facilities.

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Pre-application for Internship

All information within this application must be true and accurate. Information must be verifiable for acceptance by Modoc Railroad LLC as an intern. Internship is not confirmed until application is approved and deposit is received.
Last Name: Middle Initial:
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Address (mailing address): City:
State: Zip Code:
Home Phone: Additional Phone:
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Currently Employed?
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1. Can you read, write and speak English clearly?

2. Are you a high school graduate or do you have a GED?

3. Do you have a current valid driver's license?

4. Have you ever been convicted of D.W.I. or D.U.I.?
4a. If yes, when:

5. Is your vision correctable to 20/40?

7. Are you color blind?

8. Do you have any hearing problems?

9. Do you take any prescribed medication?

10. Do you have any physical or mental disabilities?

11. Are you presently employed either part time or full time?

12. Can you verify employment / education history?

13. Can you show proof of eligibility to work in the United States?

14. Have you sustained an on the job injury and/ or paid worker's compensation?

16. Are you under indictment, probation or charged with any crime?

17. Have you been convicted of any felony within the past 7 years?

If yes, note that many railroads do not offer employment to persons with a felony record within the last seven years. You should call the school to discuss your situation.

18. Internship Levels:

Conductor - two year membership
Conductor/Locomotive Engineer -Must be a certified conductor from Modoc or some other railroad.

Please type the Internship Level Desired in the field:

I would like to reserve space in the following Conductor class:
Year: Month:
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Applicant: By submitting this application you will be directed to pay the $115.00 deposit & processing fee to hold a place in our internship program.





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