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Engineer Program

Engineer Certification

Modoc Railroad offers the nations only new locomotive engineer training program. In addition to the schools three modern Type II Locomotive simulators, the school also features a new, state of the art locomotive to teach basic locomotive engineer skills and techniques. Modoc Railroad instruction meets and exceeds current and pending federal government standards for locomotive engineer training. Since 2005, Modoc Railroad has been unable to meet the on going demand for locomotive engineers. 2008 has become the start of a critical shortage of locomotive engineer for a number of reasons. Changes in Federal Law requiring more train crews, larger number of employees retiring and the growing trend of railroads to have all train crews be cross trained as both a certified conductor and locomotive engineer. As of August 1, 2009, Modoc Railroad has been unable to meet the demand for locomotive engineers. We have had 100% job offer and 100% job placement as of July 1, 2011. On average, each Modoc Railroad locomotive engineer student has had multipal job offers each.
We are in current urgent shortage of locomotive engineers. Please let anyone, in any state, who is looking for a great lifetime career know about this.

The Solution

Modoc Railroad instructs and educates both new and veteran railroaders in the safe and practical operation of locomotives and trains. Students take lessons learned on the schools railroad and then apply them on the job. Because the Modoc Railroad uses a combination of classroom, dynamic locomotive simulator and new locomotive training, student engineers receive the finest training available anywhere. Modoc Railroad trained engineers work on railroads such as BNSF, Union Pacific, Amtrak, CSX and other railroads.

The Process

Locomotive Engineer class is offered only twice each year in January and July. As a new locomotive engineer student, you must first take and pass the Certified Conductor class. You can only enter the September or May Certified Conductor class that then leads into the respective engineer class. If you are already a working Certified Conductor you must take and pass a G.C.O.R. rules test with a score of 90% or better.
There is a separate tuition for locomotive engineer class and that is due upon the start of the engineer class. The locomotive engineer class alone is four months long. Combined with the Certified Conductor class and you will spend a total of six months at the school.
To start, go to the "APPLY" page and download the admission application. Engineer students are only allowed to start class in May or September. Submit your application together with a $100 deposit. If you are accepted, you will receive a written notice from the school in about three to four weeks. Only one application is needed for both classes. Remember, payment of tuition is no guarantee of passing the class. You must study, do your homework and attend class on time.
As a locomotive engineer, you will be highly desirable to most railroads as a person with job specific skills After all, common sense tells you that a railroad is looking for people who know how to move and operate railroad equipment safely and have the licensing and certification to back it up. It is now Federal law.

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